A multi tier resource based program, formulated  upon 7 Core Elements; which involve; Home Health Care, Skilled Nursing Placement, Assisted Living Placement, Primary Caregiver Education on Disease Management, Community Education, Patient Resource Education, and Case Management Education.

This program is designed to address those essential needs of our patients that so often go unaddressed simply due to lack of resources and information.

The patient’s health, comfort and peace of mind are of primary concern, with respect to dignity and right to privacy. We serve as a comprehensive resource for health care, and believe that patients have the right to access health care information that allows them and their families to take a pro-active approach in their individual needs.

Our Agency recognizes that involvement of patient, family and community resources all reinforce a positive affirmation of life.

The Total Care Program

ᴥ Skilled Nursing Facility Placement
ᴥ Assisted Living Placement
ᴥ Transportation Resources
ᴥ Food Program Resources
ᴥ Free Health Fairs & Education
ᴥ Medicare Education & Resources
ᴥ Medicare Advantage Plan Education
ᴥ HMO/PPO Education
ᴥ Family Support Groups for Dementia & Alzheimer’s patients         
ᴥ One on One Case Management
ᴥ Dental Resources


Total Patient Education

ᴥ Disaster Preparedness
ᴥ Diabetic Health
ᴥ S/S of Depression
ᴥ Proper Medication Disposal
ᴥ Proper food Storage & Handling
ᴥ Medicare Fraud
ᴥ Proper Hydration
ᴥ Dental Care
ᴥ IV Therapy
ᴥ Health Insurance Education
ᴥ Dementia Care
ᴥ When A Higher Level of Care is Needed
ᴥ Hospice Care
ᴥ Abuse
ᴥ Hypertension Education
ᴥ Disease Process
ᴥ Medication Management
ᴥ Wound Care
ᴥ Fall Prevention for People with Disabilities & Older Adults